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Committed to Advancing Healthcare Through Innovative Digital Signage Solutions

Welcome to LoopScreen, a trusted provider of digital signage solutions for healthcare settings. With over a decade of experience, LoopScreen is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that improve the lives of patients, their families, and healthcare workers. Learn more about the experience, dedication, and values that drive our mission to enhance healthcare through cutting-edge digital signage.


Doctor standing by a LoopScreen in a hospital lobby, displaying health tips for patients.

For over 10 years, LoopScreen has been at the forefront of digital signage innovation in healthcare. During this time, we have developed and refined our solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities, always staying ahead of industry trends and advancements. Our extensive experience enables us to provide tailored, results-driven solutions that make a lasting impact on our clients’ operations.


Two hospital visitors reviewing the hospital's provider directory on a LoopScreen digital display.

At LoopScreen, we understand the critical importance of responsive, hands-on customer support. Our dedication to ensuring client satisfaction goes beyond delivering top-notch digital signage solutions. We are committed to being a reliable partner in your journey to improve your healthcare facility’s operations, offering personalized guidance and assistance whenever you need it.


LoopScreen’s core values are rooted in our unwavering commitment to improving healthcare experiences for patients, families, and staff. By focusing exclusively on healthcare, we have aligned our purpose with that of our clients, ensuring that our digital signage solutions make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who rely on them. We believe that by enhancing communication, education, and navigation in healthcare settings, we can contribute to a better, more efficient, and compassionate healthcare experience for all.

Discover the Benefits of LoopScreen for Your Healthcare Facility

Thank you for considering LoopScreen as your digital signage provider for healthcare. We are excited to help you achieve your goals and enhance your facility’s operations with our innovative solutions, backed by our extensive experience, dedication, and values. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for healthcare.