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Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare

Digital signage in a hospital waiting room

Visitor Wayfinding Made Simple

Help visitors and patients easily navigate your facility with clear, user-friendly guidance.

Enhance visitor satisfaction by offering user-friendly wayfinding solutions that complement your healthcare facility’s layout. 

With LoopScreen’s QR code integration, patients and visitors can quickly scan a code and receive customized directions on their smartphones, providing an intuitive navigation experience.

User scanning a QR code from a LoopScreen display, which is showing a detailed map of the hospital.
Front desk of a waiting area in a hospital, with LoopScreen prominently showing real-time wait times.

Real-Time Wait Times (EHR Integration)

Improve patient experience using accurate and up-to-date wait time information.

LoopScreen delivers seamless solutions that address one of the most significant pain points in healthcare – wait times. Our real-time displays deliver accurate information to patients, fostering trust and transparency while enhancing overall satisfaction. For a truly comprehensive experience, LoopScreen can also be integrated with your EHR system for real time updates.

Health Tips for Patients

Empower your patients with knowledge and preventive strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

Educate and empower your patients by sharing valuable health tips and preventive strategies on LoopScreen’s digital displays. Deliver engaging, informative content to improve patient health literacy and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Doctor standing by a LoopScreen in a hospital lobby, displaying health tips for patients.
Hospital staff work area with a LoopScreen display providing valuable tips to the staff.

Efficient Staff Communication

Enhance Staff Coordination and Patient Care with cutting-edge digital signage technology

Enhance your healthcare team’s communication capabilities with LoopScreen. Encourage smooth information exchange, strengthen interdepartmental collaboration, and provide timely communication of essential updates to ensure exceptional patient care and heightened operational performance.

Donor Recognition & Appreciation

Showcase the invaluable support of your donors and encourage continued contributions. 

Celebrate the generosity of your donors by using LoopScreen to highlight their invaluable contributions. Encourage continued contributions and foster a sense of community with a customizable, visually appealing donor recognition display.

Hospital scene with a LoopScreen prominently a list of donors.
Hospital scene with a LoopScreen displaying an emergency alert prominently.

Swift Alert Communication

Ensure the rapid dissemination of critical information for prompt response to emergencies and changing situations.

LoopScreen enables healthcare facilities to quickly and efficiently disseminate critical information during emergencies or rapidly changing situations. With our digital alert displays, you can ensure that your staff, patients, and visitors are promptly informed and can respond accordingly, contributing to a safer and more secure environment.

Provider & Staff Profiles

Build trust and familiarity by showcasing the dedicated professionals behind your healthcare services.

Strengthen the connection between your healthcare providers and patients by using LoopScreen to showcase provider profiles. Displaying professional photos and short bios helps to foster trust and familiarity, enhancing the patient experience and promoting a more personalized healthcare journey.

Two hospital visitors reviewing the hospital's provider directory on a LoopScreen digital display.
Hospital staff work area with a LoopScreen display providing valuable tips to the staff.

Clinical Trial Enrollment Outreach

Encourage patient participation in your facility’s clinical trials to advance medical research and improve patient outcomes.

Utilize LoopScreen’s digital signage to promote clinical trial enrollment within your facility. By encouraging patient participation, you can help advance medical research, contribute to the development of new treatments, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Encourage patient participation in your facility’s clinical trials to the development of new treatments, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Hospital Security Communication

Enhance your facility’s safety by enabling seamless communication of vital information among security teams through LoopScreen.

Boost your healthcare facility’s safety and security with LoopScreen. Our digital signage enables seamless sharing of vital information among security teams, promoting a rapid response to potential threats and ensuring a secure environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

Hospital security staff using LoopScreen to aid in suspect identification in their office.

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