Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about LoopScreen’s digital signage by exploring our frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

To register for a LoopScreen account, simply click the ‘Contact Us’ button on our website and fill out the form. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@loopscreen.com. Our team will promptly assist you with the registration process.

No, there are no special prerequisites for installing LoopScreen. You simply need a TV and an internet connection. We provide the rest, and all updates are managed through our web portal. No extra software installation is necessary.

Yes, we provide extensive training for LoopScreen. Our dedication to your success means we offer unlimited tutorial sessions and a comprehensive online guide. We believe in ongoing support and are always available for further training or assistance.

Customizing content on LoopScreen is simple. You can manage and update your displays through our user-friendly web portal, providing you with full control over the content displayed at all times.

Technical Requirements

All you need to get started with LoopScreen is a TV and an internet connection. We provide all the remaining necessary hardware at no extra cost, and as technology advances, we ensure you stay updated by replacing the hardware with the latest versions at no additional charge.

Customization of your LoopScreen TV is managed effortlessly via our user-friendly web portal. Any updates you publish are displayed instantly. No additional software is needed.

LoopScreen software is regularly updated to introduce new features and enhance security. These updates are managed remotely, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

LoopScreen doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Our system caches content, allowing it to run uninterrupted even offline. However, to download any new content, an internet connection is necessary.

Absolutely, LoopScreen can operate on multiple displays simultaneously. Whether you wish to play identical content or mix and match across different screens, our web portal makes managing one or even hundreds of displays quick and efficient.

Content Management

Your LoopScreen displays are managed through our intuitive web portal. After logging in, you have the ability to manage all your displays, enabling you to seamlessly add or modify images, videos, news feeds, and social media content as needed.

Yes, through our user-friendly web portal, you can set specific start and end dates, or schedule display times down to the hour. You can even schedule content months in advance. There’s truly no limit to scheduling your content with LoopScreen.

Absolutely, LoopScreen offers the flexibility to display unique content on each screen, or if you prefer, synchronize certain displays to show identical content. The power to mix and match is entirely in your hands.

Creating custom content for LoopScreen is effortless, thanks to our built-in image editing software. This user-friendly platform, similar to Canva or PowerPoint, enables you to easily craft new images from scratch or start with one of our pre-made designs.

Certainly, LoopScreen has the capability to integrate real-time information such as RSS feeds and social media updates into your content. Additionally, we offer seamless integration with EHR systems to automatically display wait times, ensuring your audience always has the most current information.

Pricing and Invoicing

LoopScreen offers a straightforward pricing plan at $35 per screen per month. This all-inclusive price covers not only the necessary hardware and software updates, but also on-site installation if required, and comprehensive ongoing training. No hidden fees or additional costs, guaranteed.

For your convenience, LoopScreen provides flexible invoicing options. You can choose between making payments on a monthly or annual basis. For a hassle-free process, invoices can be paid online. For larger institutions, we can coordinate directly with your accounts payable department to arrange invoicing.

Rest assured, LoopScreen is commitment-free with no cancellation fees. We believe in our service and want to provide you with flexibility and peace of mind.

LoopScreen ensures a hassle-free hardware experience at no extra cost. We supply all required hardware and provide regular updates and timely replacements with the most current technology, all inclusive in your subscription.

Absolutely, we offer a 30-day free trial of LoopScreen, delivered to your doorstep through expedited 2-day shipping at no additional cost.

LoopScreen maintains a straightforward pricing policy, with no hidden costs. Our $35 monthly fee covers everything – from shipping to support, and from hardware to its replacements. You won’t encounter any additional charges beyond the flat monthly rate, ensuring transparency and predictability in your budgeting.

Support and Troubleshooting

For any inquiries or support needs, simply email us at support@loopscreen.com. We’re here to help whenever you need us.

If you encounter any issues with your LoopScreen display, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@loopscreen.com. We’ll swiftly assist you with troubleshooting procedures and, if necessary, replace any defective devices. Should further issues persist, we’re prepared to arrange a complimentary on-site visit to ensure your LoopScreen is functioning optimally.

Absolutely, LoopScreen offers comprehensive resources to assist you, including detailed documentation and video tutorials. Additionally, we are happy to provide personal training sessions to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you and your team are comfortable and proficient with our system.

At LoopScreen, our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our prompt and attentive support. During business hours, we strive to respond within an hour, ensuring swift resolution to your concerns. For inquiries received outside of business hours, we guarantee a response within 8 hours. Regardless of the time, we are committed to providing prompt and attentive support to keep your LoopScreen experience seamless.

Absolutely, LoopScreen is committed to offering a complete, hassle-free solution. We are pleased to extend our assistance, be it remote guidance or on-site support for installation. LoopScreen is dedicated to ensuring that your setup is seamless and straightforward.

We welcome the opportunity to add fresh features tailored to our clients’ needs. If you envision a new feature that would enhance your LoopScreen experience, we encourage you to share it with us at support@loopscreen.com. Your input plays a crucial role in shaping LoopScreen.

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